End to End business solution for Handicraft Exporters

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Complete ERP solution for Handicraft Industry

Modules offered are Sampling and merchandising, sales, purchase , Warehousing, sub-contracting, Production, human resource, Kora management, Quality assurance, Shipping , Export Documentation, Government compliance reports etc. 

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Sampling and Merchandising

Sampling is one of the most important step in the business of handicraft export. 

During sampling it is required to be as precise as possible since that will develop a base for  costing followed by production of the product. 

We have at all length made sure that most of the required details at any stage has been taken care. Sample can be identified with a product code and serial number while all the samples are classified into a Main category as well as sub category, this will help us search our old samples during presentation in from of customer. 


Handicraft Exporters need to keep track of each and every material used as they need to describe during custom invoices at export, while this need to be done to be more close to real costing of the product. 

Similarly Technique and routing is very important to be defined in order to determine the real costing. 

With our experience of implementing several handicraft ERP all the required characteristics have been controlled in the system. 

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Warehouse Management

Managing a Warehouse including internal transfers, work locations & scrap all of it can be done at one place where it can be analysed about any item and its quantity at multiple locations.

Procurement is made easy with the help of odoo smart warehouse management

Materials can be issued to Customers / Suppliers / Locations - (Polishing / Powder coating/ Packaging etc.) via multiple stores - Stationary , Chemoical store , packaging , sticker, Raw materials , Polythene etc .

After QA some items comes out to be defective or not matching requirements as weight / dimensions etc which are required to be returned back to supplier , this can be managed in our system via WAPSI and  WAPSI receiving. 

All the warehouse can be linked to whole system sales / purchase and inventory cost can be analysed on real time basis.

Purchase and Procurement

 Procuring Goods  & Purchase are a important part of any handicraft industry.

Odoo allows you to link suppliers to every items with their quoted price list so that its easy to re order any item at correct prize & to certified supplier who delivers on time.

Purchase order is created on the name of the supplier which automatically creates a Incoming Shipment that has to be received on a specified due date , it notifies the receiving department and also notifies the float quantity in the warehouse.

Every incoming shipment / Receiving is linked to the Purchase order which can be tracked at any time with cost of every item received.

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HR and payroll

 HR in handicraft industry involves creation of employees in databse which handles all information about them.

Generation of Compliance reports as per Govt. standards  & maintaining employee file.

Creation of I Card , managing holidays & Leaves , importing employees punch which enables to create attendance as per salary logics , managing missed punch etc .

managing Kharcha (partial salary ), loan/EMI , PF , ESI , TDS etc. deductible / non-deductable from salary.

HR & Payroll in Handicraft industry has saved almost 8 % of the total payable amount when switched from manual process to automated  process done by OpenERP4You , has also saved time and manual errors.

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Production, Planning and Job work

 Production process is managed via various work orders which can be created for internal works.

work orders can be created via routings automatically for selected locations , can be done partially or completely

Every manufacturing order comprises of multiple work orders as per the defined routings which may be different process happening in manufacturing industry as per the product requirement 

BOM items of products can be merged and required raw materials will be listed , deduting the items available in stock procurement will be provided.

Work orders can be issued internally or can be issued to external suppliers can be split  into two or more in case of delay etc.

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Quality control 

Quality of products has been always considered as a prime requirement by customers, thus most of handicraft exporters keep Quality as top most priority. Quality of the final product required to be able to match with the quality of sample produced during sales process. 

At Openerp4you we have considered quality control  and QA inspection at all required steps for example. Quality of the raw materiel need to be passed before being used in production. at the same time quality of all Kora products received need to be passed before accepting . 

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 All Lab Test Recordings

Openerp4you Handicraft management system enables you to record all different type of in-house and third party test results so that you can do further analysis on failures and can act in future. This will also help you to present these analysis to your customers and get him approved your quality processes. Openerp4you handicraft management system provide you a very detailed analytic reports, thus to help you access at different angle and prepare C & P action plan. 


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Packaging and Corrugation 

Corrugation material purchase need a specific type of workflow in order to manage it through software, as each and every product has got its own specifications on packing which is usually defined during sampling. 

All these required packing details are further integrated during purchase or production of that product and thus can be easily monitored. 

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Shipping and Export Documentation

Export of any product have several pre-requisites as per the contract with the customer thus openerp4you have combined all required government and customer related formats together under our shipping and Export Documentation  Module. 

Shippling involves several steps  before processing  like preparing  packing list, Load Plan, container plan  followed by export document preparation. 


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Outside and Inhouse Kora Deposit and Control

There are two types of Kora goods production in practice in-house Kora production or outside Kora production, outside Kora production means getting the base structure developed  from a supplier outside of your factory premises , similarly in-house kora production means getting it developed inside of your factory. 

We have developed a check and quality control  using openerp4you handicraft management system.  we have also maintained average weight for each product from the time of sampling or preproduction which needs to be compared with the product at receipt thus erp will tell if there is any difference between what is required and what is produced. 

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Automatic Billings and Pay control

All supplier payment intimations are generated based on the material receipts after quality approval, all required document  will get available on accountant screen once the payment is due, thus as soon as supplier present their bill system will show it as a auto generated bill, which can be further compared  with supplier bill. 

once the system has generated the draft invoice, system send it for audit to audit department followed by processing of payments by accounts department. System also provide required  reports forecasting the payments in future against all suppliers. 


Biometric integration and Attendance 

Openerp4you handicraft management system can be integrated with a third party biometric machine either by direct data process from hardware or we can also fetch data from machines.

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Unauthorized  Personal Security Control using             I-Cards

Openerp4you will provide the access control using  barcode enable identity card printed using our system, each of these cards will have a hidden code which can be read by system using scanner thus identify everyone by representing individual details as soon as you scan the card. 

These cards can also be used as photo identity  provided by company , you can also pay salaries   using these cards. you can also prepares these cards for contractors and suppliers and keep track of their visits to the factory. 


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Management Reporting & User Dashboards 

Openerp4you handicraft management system provides you flexibility to design your own dashboard on the fly as per business needs. you can see everything at one screen using our Export management system.  At the same time it also allow you to travel to related document in case of detailed information is required.